Kite Camp

For women, taught by women. The Women’s Camps are the best way to get into kiteboarding or to step it up to the next level. Come with the experience or none, from beginner to advanced.


The Women’s Camp is 3 days long, perfect amount of time to go through all the safety, practice a lot of launches and landings, kite flying, body dragging or just improve your kiteboarding skills. We go through the whole process and teach you to become an independent kiteboarder. We have been doing Women’s Camps for a few years now and they are proven to be awesome.

The camp runs from 10:30am to 5pm. Bring your lunch and water, your wet suit and your kite gear if you would like to learn using your own. If not, we have all the gear you need. We supply kites, boards, harnesses you might need for the 3 days.

The lessons will be all watercraft assisted. Plus you will get to use the latest North gear.

Day 1: On the Beach

  • Trainer Kite Flying
  • Understand the Wind
  • Small Inflatable Kite Flying
  • Kite Rigging and Safety

Day 2: On the Water

  • Body Dragging
  • Kite Flying
  • Kite Relaunching
  • Self Rescue

Day 3: On the Water

  • Kite Skills
  • Board Skills

  • Getting on the Board
  • Going Up-Wind
  • Turning
  • Jumping
  • Tricks


Winter 2017/2018 Women’s Kiteboarding Camp

  • November 13th – 15th
  • November 27th – 29th
  • December 11th – 12th
  • February 12th – 14th
  • February 26th – 28th


Give us a call at +52-612-114-0001 or email us at for more information, or to book your kiteboarding adventure today!